Sunday, 19 April 2009

All and Nothing In the Name

Very rarely Mahendra Singh Dhoni is called first in the presentation ceremony to say something on behalf of his team's disappointing show. But, its great to see that happen in the very first encounter of the second edition of the IPL. Else, how could a captain who is yet to lose a test match and who was the runner up in the earlier edition end up in such a debacle? Anyway, this is just the beginning of a long journey not only for Chennai Super Kings but also for all the teams battling it out there. This has been proved in the inaugural edition of the IPL itself, starting from Kolkata Knight Riders who thrashed Royal Challengers Bangalore and later didn't even make it to the semis.

Despite a player in Sanath Jayasuriya who held the record for the maximum number of sixes, Mumbai Indians also failed to make it to the semis. For that case, Rajasthan Royals, if not for Yousuf Pathan and man of the series Shane Watson, none of the players made it big but still ended up taking home the booty $5 million if I'm not mistaken. However, the thing that fascinates everyone and accerlerates the aggresion among the players is the names that their respective teams have been given. Like Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals etc. Such ultra sounding names have made the day for most I believe.

The moment such names hit the ear drum it brings a lot of excitement among the fans and the players. Such excitement and thrill cannot be achieved even in the ICC world cup. In case a team wins, the players make justice to the name.But, incase the team ends up losing, the very same excitement can also lead to bow their heads. For example, in case Chennai Super Kings lose a game, the newspaper headlines the next morning would be something like "Chennai Super Kings lose their kingdom"or "Royal Challengers royally beaten" if it is RCB at the receiving end. The best headlines that I would like in case KKR is thrashed would be "Kolkata Knight Riders' (K) nightmare". Anyway, at the end of the day, one team has to lose and the other team win.

So, the only team that is not bound to face such humiliations is Mumbai Indians. This I think is the most simplest name of all the nine teams participating in the Indian Premier League. The caption in case Mumbai Indians lose would be "Mumbai=Mum & Bye". This is inevitable, for the name Mumbai has to feature as does the name of every team is associated with the city or the state which it represents. Weather Mumbai Indians lose or win, they still continue to be Indians unlike when it comes to other teams which would have to pay the price for a dismal performance while challenging the opposition with daring names. I wish no team has the name "losers" or "chokers"associated with their team, for winning is all got to do with participation. Great going teams.

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