Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Duck Is The Trademark Of RCB?

It looks like the Royal Challengers Bangalore can never have a single match without atleast one of its frontline batsmen getting out for a duck. And this time as usual, it was Jaques Kallis who made a mark by getting out for a duck. And one more aspect that is been observed by the Royal Challengers captain Kevin Pietersen is that everytime there is a change in batting order and a new batsman is found to take to the crease. And the only thing that is found not to change is the performance of the batsmen which has always led the team behind.

For reasons best known by the team skipper, Rahul Dravid was kept warming the benches in the particular match against the Delhi Daredevils. For the fourth successive time Royal Challengers in this edition of the Indian Premier League has been on the losing after beating the Rajasthan Royals in the opening encounter. One would not have thought the Royal Challengers to deceive its supporters so badly. One would have thought the Royal Challengers to have bounced back after their debacle in the first edition. But, this was just a trailer and could not be converted into a full fledged movie.

Neither are the Royal Challengers found to put up a competitive score nor are they found to defend their decent total of 160+. Neither are they capeable of bowling out the opposition for a low score and nor are able to chase down any decent target. "Next Time" has always been the mantra of the Royal Challengers atleast until now in this edition whatsoever. In the match against Delhi Daredevils, the opnly highlight for the RCB bowlers was that they took the game till the 19th over which saw the Delhi Daredevils chase down rather easily with 6 wickets to spare.

The team has made news for only changes. There have been changes in the batting order, with every match witnessing a new opening pair, there have been changes in captain, coach and the team manager. The only thing that has not found to change is the team owner Vijay Mallya and the match result. And in the coming edition, it would come as no surprise if Vijay Mallya dosen't turn up to sponsor Royal Challengers anymore after being fed up with such humiliation in the second edition as well. And, taking into consideration the consecutive ducks by the RCB openers,I wish Vijay Mallya have the duck as his trademark rather than Kingfisher. Wouldn't that be a brilliant idea!!!

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