Monday, 20 April 2009

Royals Win And Lose

Well yesterday I had written a post regarding as to how ultra sounding name at times can find the team under stress for striking a bad patch. And this is what exactly happened in the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Rajasthan Royals. Both the teams out there had the name Royals associated with them. But, as far as rules of T20 cricket go, there can be just one winner and that turned out to be the underestimated Royal Challengers Bangalore. And with Rahul Dravid being the man responsible for the Rajasthan Royals' debacle, it was even more unpredictable for, people don't expect a test batsman nicknamed "The Wall" to play the role of an axe.

and Kevin Even Royal Challengers' game never went on smoothly at any instant of the game whatsoever. For, if not for the likes of Rahul Dravid and their newly appoionted captain Kevin Pietersen none of the other batsmen could cross the double digit mark whatsoever. The scores of Rahul DravidPietersen and extras added together would add up to 100 in 78 balls i.e in 13 overs. Meaning just 33 runs in 7 overs when the run rate in this format can go anywhere upto 7 (minimum). However, the advantage of batting first did the trick for Royal Challengers Bangalore where there was no pressure of chasing the target.

It was a dream for several moments after the second "Royals" in Rajasthan Royals being bowled out for 58. Did the Rajasthan Royals indeed win the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League by being on the top since the day 1 of that edition? I doubt. As I said earlier, there can be one and only one winner in the game but there is no restriction regarding the performance of the teams and the players. In fact, when it comes to teams like Rajasthan Royals, this is not at all expected whatsoever and that too against Royal Challengers Bangalore there is not pardon.

It is something fully indeed to see both the runners up as well as the champions of the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League to succumb so badly in the very next edition. For, the very same day, Chennai Super Kings who were the runners up in the last and the first edition lost their first match to Mumbai Indians for the only mistake of dropping the catch of Sachin Tendulkar when the batsman was at 10, who went on to belt the Chennai Super Kings' bowlers haywire during his course of scoring an unbeaten 59. So, lets check out for some more thrillers.

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