Monday, 27 April 2009

Whom Does Vijay Mallya Wants To Axe Now?

The Royal Challengers Bangalore team owner Vijay Mallya might be thinking after the match between his team (Royal Challengers Bangalore) and the unbeaten Deccan Chargers as to why did he ever go in for Robin Uttappa by exchanging him for Zaheer Khan. For, this is the man who has been the hero in most of the flop shows that the Royal Challengers Bangalore has ever witnessed so far. The other flop show heroes that follow Robin Uttappa include Praveen Kumar, Pankaj Singh and not to forget the captain himself Kevin Pietersen. And putting it together, I must say that neither does the name Royal Challengers nor the owner Vijay (meaning victory) make justice to their performance.

I just wonder as to what justice has the present Royal Challengers captain-Kevin Pietersen done to the team that Rahul Dravid was not found doing. If the last and the first edition of the IPL is taken into consideration, Rahul Dravid played a captain's knock in most of the occasions and not only that, he even saved the face in most of the games that his team lost. I even today remember Rahul Dravid scoring 76 off 36 balls in one of the matches that RCB won and this being despite the face that T20 never suited the style of Rahul Dravid.

Had I been the owner, the first thing that I would be found doing is to axe Kevin Pietersen as the captain. Not only as the captain but also as a player. For the reason, one can view the statistics for his past performance. It looks like a golden duck has been the mantra of the Royal Challengers' batsmen. For, in every match there is atleast one batsman who would have laid an egg. This time it was Kevin Pietersen along with Robin Uttappa. For such a weakn batting line up, one never needed a bowler of the caliber of Brett Lee, Shaun Marsh or Irfan Pathan.

Had the score of 168 been against someone like Deccan Chargers, Mumbai Indians or the Delhi Daredevils, the Kings XI Punjab batsmen would have had to think before sending in a batsmen. But, this is not the case against RCB. The only highlight of the Royal Challengers Bangalore bowlers was that they could at the fag end of the innings take the wicket of Ravi Bopara. The innings witnessed the drop catch of Kumara Sangakkara by Rahul Dravid. But, that could have just delayed the inevitable had it been taken. If at all the Royal Challengers have to save some face, Mark Boucher has to keep wickets. The class of Uttappa behing the stumps could be adjudged when he gave away 5 runs by leaving a wide that reached the fence.

So, it would be a guess work as to who would Vijay Mallya drop now. For this is something that he has been found doing ever since his team is found in shambles. The list includes Charu Sharma along with the coach and captain.

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