Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Give An Inch & Dhoni Will Take A Mile

This was what happened in the match between the Chennai Super Kings and the Delhi Daredevils at Johannesburg where Dhoni's men beat the Delhi Daredevils team despite a small but a decent total out there. Though the Delhi Daredevils were folding the upper hand in most part of the game, it was the Chennai Super Kings who emerged victorious at the end of the day. This might have happened a lot of times in the IPL but, very rare when it comes to teams like the Deccan Chargers and the Delhi Daredevils who have been on the top since the series began.

However, the Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals have done it more regularly compared to other teams, though the Kings XI Punjab have done it in the last couple of matches. Despite a loss or a gain, the Chennai Super Kings have shown the class as a team that made it to the finals of the inaugural edition of the IPL in 2008. This was once again proved by the, when they made 180 runs while chasing a massive target of 189 in one of the games. Had it been an ordinary team, the margin of defeat would have been much higher like the one involving the Deccan Chargers or the Kolkata Knight Riders.

If there are any teams out there who are found displaying their class, it is the Rajasthan Royals and the Chennai Super Kings. Theses are the two teams who are fighting until their last breath whatsoever. The Delhi Daredevils were lucky to have won the toss and the Daredevils captain Gautam Gambhir was also pretty intelligent to opt to field, by getting the pitch conditions right. The pitch was favoring the batsmen for most part of the game and the Delhi team did well to contain the opposition to a chasable 165 runs. Their run chase also never seemed to disappoint though A B Devilliars induced some initial pressure and the top order failed.

There was an unimaginable knock between Dinesh Karthick and David Warner, both of whom posted half centuries with much aggresion and control. This continued until the 16Th over and until then the Delhi Daredevils were just counting the runs to be scored and getting ready to rejoice yet another victory it seemed like. But, it was the wicket of Dinesh Karthik that spoiled the Delhi's party. Had Karthik been sent up in the order, there could have been a better result for the Daredevils, for after the fall of Karthik the rest like AB Devilliars and Dilshan could have finished it off. But, who would have anticipated Karthik's brilliance that was hardly found b4?

This match once again recommends the fans to keep their fingers crossed until the last ball of the IPL finals has been bowled or the last run been scored or last but not the least the last wicket fallen.

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