Sunday, 3 May 2009

No One Is The Best

Until the match between the Deccan Chargers and the Delhi Daredevils, there was atleast one team that remained unbeaten throughout the tournament and that was Deccan Chargers. But, after that particular match, even the Deccan Chargers joined the party that included the rest of the 7 teams who have lost atleast one match in the series. However, the Deccan Chargers can still continue to rejoice for, they along with the Delhi Daredevils are the only team to have at present lost just one game so far. While the Deccan Chargers lost their first game against Delhi Daredevils, the Delhi Daredevils lost a game to the Chennai Superkings.

It looks like both the Deccan Chargers as well as the Delhi Daredevils have made it to the semi finals of the IPL already. Well lets wait until the semi finals line is up officially. But for now, the match between the Deccan Chargers and the Delhi Daredevils is something that matters us the most. If not for the openers who made way for early breakthroughs for the opposition team, the rest of the Deccan Chargers' batsmen showed good amount of resistance by all of them scoring in double figures. This feat might not be too satisfactory but, this happens very rarely where five consecutive batsmen score double figures in succession.

For a moment, the Deccan Chargers' batsman Dwayne Smith threstened the Delhi Daredevils team to take the game away from them but not too longer after Daniel Vettori has him in his hands in the deep off Ashish Nehra. Though a total of 148 was not too convincing and more so in this particular format of the game, there have been many instances where a modest total have been difficult to chase. But, this particular total was easily chased by the Delhi Daredevils batsmen more so by Tilekeratne Dilshan. Finally, I was delighted that atleast there was one team in the tournament to beat the Deccan Chargers.

I was really fed up by watching Australia being unbeaten unbeaten throughout the 2003 as well as the 2007 world cups, by winning all 11 matches that they played. Atleast in the match against in the 2003 world cup, the Australia were on the verge of losing but, it was Michael Beaven who spoilt the party and in the match against New Zealand where they were 84/7 ended up winning the match by 96 runs. And in the 2007 world cup, there was not even a single close encounter that the Aussies faced. From the match one against Holland until the finals where they played Sri Lanka all the matches were taken for granted by Australia. Thank God that it was not the case in this IPL as well.

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