Friday, 8 May 2009

When Will Vijay Mallya Play Sunil Joshi?

I had never thought the Uttappa would do this. After a series of ugly performances in the past, he had been the reason for raising many eyebrows for what made the RCB team owner Vijay Mallya go in for Robin Uttappa by exchanging him for Zaheer Khan. Well, the fact is that even Zaheer Khan is of little use to his native Mumbai not for his performances but due to the fact that he has been prone to injuries off late. This was evident from the fact that he despite being the main spearhead was given just 2 overs to bowl which was rather economical giving away just 6 runs an over and taking the only wicket of Wassim Jaffer.

It looked as though Vijay Mallya was himself not interested in his team making it to the last four. Otherwise, can anyone of you cite me the reason for including Wassim Jaffer? As expected, Wassim Jaffer just did what best he could do. Either keep on ducking like in a test match or go for a bad shot selection and in the process throwing away his wicket. Some positives for Wassim Jaffer include a four that he was able to hit and the other was the fact that he was a part of the RCB team that won the match against the Mumbai Indians.

If today it was Wassim Jaffer's turn to play in the XI, the next time it would not be surprising if someone like Sunil Joshi, the selection of whom would be critisized by none other than Joshi himself is included in the playing XI. I wonder as to why Shivnarine Chanderpaul is not being made to take the crease when the likes of Uttappa, Praveen Kumar are included despite repeated failures? Every selection step is found to yield a mistake. Not only the team selection but also the man of the match was a wrong judgement. The pitch was a heaven for batsmen and a debutant in Dillon du Preez could take three wickets.

The intelligent work done by Sachin Tendulkar in one of the previous matches, where he sent in pinch hitter Harbhajan Singh to just go and slog it out, was found lacking in this match. I wish Harbhajan Singh would have done a better job than Rahane who took 6 balls to score a run. Very rarely, the Mumbai Indians team were never in the hunt since the beginning of the RCB's chase began. Taking the wicket of Wassim Jaffer is no big deal I suppose. Sachin bought on 8 of his players who could bowl as well to try things that might favor his team but to no avail. And what more can anyone do when all odds are against you???

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