Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Wise Thinking From Brendon McCullum

The Kolkata Knight Riders have to consider themselves very lucky for not having to care about their future in the tournament anymore. I congratulate them on being the first team to be knocked out of the tournament. It is not clear as to which team will make it to the semi finals but, it is now confirmed that the Kolkata Knight Riders will never make it there. When they have lost the chance of making it to the semis a couple of matches back, why the hell should the KKR captain ever think of winning its further games? This is mateur thinking.

But, this move would not be welcomed by either the Royal Challengers or the Mumbai Indians, for they would have been interested in the Delhi Daredevils' loss rather then a Kolkata Knight Riders' win. A loss to the Delhi team would have made them come down in the latest rankings following which the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers would have an easier task in front of them. But, however, that was not to be at Johannesburg whatsoever. The Kolkata Knight Riders lost this match as well in the same spirit as they lost their earlier ones. This perhaps by a better margin compared to their earlier loss to the same team.

The Kolkata Knight Riders did not lose all the ten wickets and played the allotted 20 overs despite at one stage being at 88/7 at the end of the 11th over. This is one thing that the Kolkata Knight Riders can feel happy about. I think that all is not lost for the Kolkata Knight Riders as well despite they not being able to make it to the semis anymore this season. For, this is not the end of the world. They can start practicing for the next edition the the Indian Premier LEague which would probably be held in India in 2010.

Like, the Indian team had thought to have started its plans for the 2011 world cup after they lost to Bangladesh in the first round of the tournament itself, which ended their world cup dreams for 2007. IN the particular match against the Delhi Daredevils, the Kolkata Knight Riders fell into the fourth and the last category by neither baing able to post a big total and on the otherhand even losing wickets at regular intervals. For the Kolkata Knight Riders, Sourav Ganguly has done a fair job compared to other team mates and has all reasons to regain the lost captaincy in the next edition. And if Ganguly is not made to lead the KKR team next time, I wish one is aware of the consequences. Ha ha ha...

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