Friday, 26 June 2009

Indian Fairytale Regarding their T20 Loss

Even after almost a week being passed by since the second T20 championship got over with Pakistan winning the title, the focus of team India, Indian news channels, the BCCI or even the fans for that matter have not yet come out of the trauma regarding the reason for the shocking exit of team India from the world T20 championship. However, the reasons what most of us hear regarding team India's exit could be just worth a laugh I can say. One has to really praise the aforementioned for the curious reasons what they cite. I just think whether this is all that the board has to say or is there anything else that is left over?

Common reasons cited by the board or the Indian captain M S Dhoni include the Indian Premier League, which on one side didn't give them enough time to practice for the T20 world cup and on the other hand took too much from the Indian players which made them feel almost exhausted by the time the world T20 championship began. The other reason includes the Sehwag issue which some say took a toll especially on Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself, only later to be proved that Dhoni himself was solely responsible for Sehwag's inclusion despite the fact that he had a shoulder injury.

Some minds even suggest that the Indian team had underestimated the other teams especially South Africa and England owing to the fact that India had beaten them in the crucial stages of the inaugural edition of the same in 2007. But, don't you guys think that all these reasons are just to satisfy the critics? C'mon guys..let us go back to the 2007 edition of the same when team India ended up victorious despite all the odds being against them. All of a sudden, the senior trio of Ganguly, Dravid and Tendulkar call themselves off from the inaugural edition which makes the selection committee crack its brains.

The Indian team that headed to the world cup in 2007 was without a fulltime coach and still India comes out victorious. After their initial loss to New Zealand, despite being in a must win position, India beat South Africa and England and also the semis against Australia, when they were still afresh from their 2007 world cup victory. If all these are considered, things were a better off this time in England when compared to that in 2007 in South Africa. Meaning India should have either lost the one in 2007 or else won this time in 2009. Otherwise, can it be assumed that their T20 win in 2007 was a fluke?

Such double standards by anyone for that matter can just make one laugh and nothing else. A better approach would be to silence all the critics by winning the upcoming tournaments viz the West Indies tour and the ICC Champions trophy.

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Krish said...

The Indian team should not pay too much attention to the media and that would reduce all these excuses.

But they have to perform. I am not sure whether winning the ODI series in the West Indies will help. But the Champions Trophy is definitely one where India has to perform well.