Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Why Are Indian Cricket Fans' Reactions Not Justified

After team India's shocking exit from the world T20 tournament that was recently concluded in England, the team has come in for some expected criticism not only from the Indian news channels, fans, yesteryear cricketing greats and even the hardcore fans of Indian cricket. Added to this was the fact that most of the cricket blogs like mine have also been doing that ever since the Indian team lost against England in particular and more so after they lost to the Proteas. Not only did the aforementioned groups condemn the way the Indian team performed in the second T20 world cup but at the same time, I could find the same condemning the way the cricket fans back home reacted to this.

The hardcore cricket fans from India were making news for taking to funerals of the Indian cricket team, burning of effigies, shouting slogans in an attempt to condemn their performance which were some of the many reactions that the fans back home showed. This came in for much criticism from everyone including some cricket blogs that I do not intend in mentioning here. But, my question is "How far are these condemnations really justified?" If there has to be no one to condemn the bad show by the Indian cricket players, then the other side of the coin suggests that the Indian team were not at all the contenders for the title.

Just a year and a half ago, the same cricket team had returned back along with the title "T20 World Champions" under their belts and for the same team not being able to even make it to the semis a year and a half later indeed deserves to be at the receiving end of the anger of its fans. Forget about winning the title or even making it to the semis, the team could not even win a game in the super eights. All that the Indian team could manage were wins against minnows Ireland and Bangladesh. Is that all the Indian team is capable of doing? When the entire city of Mumbai could take to the streets leaving all their work just to celebrate the nation's victory, the same team should also be ready for the criticism that the fans show when they return hopeless.

Forget about some other sports in India. Even if one keeps his view only for cricket, not all cricketers are greeted with the same smile that the international team has been enjoying. A win or a loss for a state team assures no reaction from the crowd. Neither was the U-19 world cup greeted the way the T20 champions were in 2007. Of course, even the T20 world cup winning side was awarded cash like the senior team were. The Indian team were awarded cash rewards for winning the Commonwealth Bank series in 2008 which was not at all a special one. And when it comes to Women's cricket team, I'm sure that not all are aware that there exists a women's cricket team in India.

Oh! C'mon...even I do not support such voilence like pelting stones on houses of cricketers or giving sleepless nights for the families of the same. But as long as the border is not crossed, burning effigies, taking it to the streets and shouting slogans cannot be condemned.

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