Saturday, 18 July 2009

Vinod Kambli's Intelligence Appreciated

Well can anyone of you just recall as to when last did someone named Vinod Ganapat Kambli appear for a test, ODI or even in a domestic cricket competition? Hmmm...I am not including his T20 career over here. The answers for the above question needs a thorough search through Google or cricinfo. It is a tragedy that there was a gap of 10 years between his maiden ODI or test match and the last encounter against Sri Lanka in 2000. During this gap Vinod Kambli played just 17 test matches and 104 one day matches that contained just two hundreds while someone like Sachin Tendulkar had more that 20 then.

Lets not compare Kambli with Tendulkar for, a legend is a legend. But, one thing is for sure that, Vinod Kambli should have given more serious thinking to his career rather than point his fingers towards anybody for that matter (not only Sachin) which is evident from his statistics throughout his career. The only highlight of Kambli's career is the fact that he is at present the only Indian to have had scored two back to back double hundreds. Off the international arena, Kambli holds the world record for the highest partnership of 664* in school days along with his long time foe friend Sachin Tendulkar.

Forget about Kambli's fan club or his career record, Kambli could not be seen or even heard after he appeared last against Sri Lanka at Sharjah which was a memorable match for India for the wrong reasons where India were all out for a score of 54 with Kambli's contribution being 3 from 8 balls. So, for the past 9 years, no news channel has ever bought Kambli in front of the audience while someone like Ajay Jadeja give their view regarding India's performance or even Kambli has not seen doing some commentary business like Murali Karthik does when he's not playing.

And now, all of a sudden Kambli comes out accusing Sachin over his spoiled career. Perhaps! This was the only way that Kambli could come in front of the world screaming.
Let us not discuss as to what extent that allegation holds weight at the moment. I ask as to who was responsible for Anil Kumble's re-entry into international cricket after he was omitted from the same for a year in 1993? Who was responsible for Wasim Akram & Brian Lara making it to the Pakistan & West Indies international team respectively after lack of form took a year from their career?

Sorry Kambli you've no supporters for this whatsoever. One has to really congratulate Vinod Kambli for getting back to news no matter for what reason. Atleast by doing this, today's young cricket fans can come to know that there was a player called Vinod Ganpat Kambli.

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