Monday, 14 December 2009

Team India's No1 Saga

This news would make every Indian proud. The news was that India have made it to the number one spot in the latest ICC test rankings, which is not a breaking or flash news and is aware of every cricket fan. This is the second such news that team India have made in the past four months or so. If our memories are still fresh, India had made it to the number one spot in the latest ICC's one day rankings after the tri nation-three match tournament involving SriLanka, New Zealand and of course India, after beating New Zealand in the first one day international of the series.

This was followed by a loss to Sri Lanka in the very next league stage match which saw India return back to the number three spot behind Australia (who had a good run against and in England) and South Africa. Even the win in the finals of the tri nation tournament against SriLanka couldn't revert the position of team India in the latest ICC ODI rankings then. Before that, a year ago or so, India were the number one T20 team, only to lost all the matches that they played in the second T20 world cup held in England.

From the time team India have lost their number one status be it either in ODI or T20, the Indians have never been able to look back to reclaim their lost glory in either of the formats. The time when team India had been the number 1 team in ODI as well as T20 cricket, there were other teams competing to climb up in the rankings. There was the ICC Champions Trophy that involved all the major teams from the world, which was preceded by the latter part of the Natwest trophy which contributed to the margin in points between the teams' ODI points.

However, when India was the number one team in T20 cricket, that was still the initial stages of the T20 format of cricket and all that added to team India's ranking was their win in the inaugural T20 world cup held at South Africa, in which India won all games but one against New Zealand by 5 runs. This was also followed by a win in the only T20 game against Australia at Mumbai that followed the 7 match ODI series that India lost 4-2. May be, to a greater extent, this contributed a lot to the success of team India in T20 cricket. There was hardly any chance for any other teams to prove their myth in T20 cricket which saw India enjoying.

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