Friday, 22 January 2010

Bangladesh fail to average 4 an over

Well it is all the more expected that India would surely win the test against Bangladesh no matter what the initial performance in the early days of the test match had to say. The only question whose answer had to be awaited until the end of the 5th day was: By how many runs or wicket would India win the match and conversely speaking, by how many runs or wickets would Bangladesh lose? And, the answer to this question was India won the match by 113 runs or Bangladesh lost the match by 113 runs. And, Sachin Tendulkar was awarded the man of the match.

But, still, victory didn't come so easy for team India, who struggled to get every Bangladeshi batsmen out after he threatened to have been set well and ready for the Indian challenge. Bangladesh did well to pile up a total which was just more than 300 runs which was less compared to the total of 413 that they needed to win the match but more compared to what was expected out of them. Once again, the Bangladeshi opener scored a half century and there was a Bangladeshi batsman who score century for his team. This was more than enough for them to draw some appreciation.

No one might congratulate Sachin Tendulkar for not only scoring yet another century in test cricket but also pulling his team yet another time from the jaws of a draw, against Bangladesh which would be as good as a loss for any team barring West Indies in today's cricket. Similarly, even Zaheer Khan doesn't deserve any sort of applause for doing the same with the ball what Sachin Tendulkar managed with the bat for, the caliber that Bangladesh stands in today's cricketing world is well in front. It was not Sachin Tendulkar's brilliant hundred but it was a below par performance from the rest of the Indian batsmen.

So was the case regarding India's bowling where Sreesanth had no share of wickets. If in the second innings of India's batting, Amit Mishra's score was more than Dravid's and Sachin's, Virender Sehwag's bowling performance was better than Sreesanth's when Sehwag was able to pick up on wicket when he got the opener - Tamim Iqbal out after he score 52 runs and was threatening to take advantage of India underestimating his team. That was an important wicket as was Amit Mishra's innings that saw India having a 2nd wicket partnership of 98 runs in the 2nd innings with Gautam Gambhir.

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