Thursday, 7 January 2010

Dhoni's way of winning matches

If the entire history of Indian cricket is given a close look at, the present captain in Mahendra Singh Dhoni enjoys a fairly good fortune with the most percentage of wins in all three formats of the game. Dhoni was the captain who bought the T20 world cup home in 2007 beating Pakistan. Until now, Dhoni is the only regular captain in present day's cricket to have not lost even a single test match leaving aside the ones that ended in draws. He was the captain of the team that won a tri series last year involving New Zealand and Sri Lanka, with the earlier captains being able to just reach the finals.

This is the problem for a captain who gets used to wins, which makes him look out for a reason whenever his team is defeated. The same captain may also seem to try new ideas to win a game. Like, the Australian captain Ricky Ponting was found raising his fingers when the ball was caught after a slight bounce in Sydney in 2008 which forced Ganguly to leave the field for no reason. That is one test match that no one on earth can ever tend to forget. That was the match that gave Australia their 16th consecutive test victory for the 2nd time.

However, that cannot be everyone's cup of tea. But, Dhoni has found a new route which can guarantee his team success if everything goes well. Dhoni, after losing the 2nd game of the tri series to Sri Lanka took no time in blaming the dew factor to be responsible for his team's defeat against Sri Lanka. Moreover, Dhoni insists that the forthcoming matches in the ongoing tri series be scheduled at a later time so that the dew factor doesn't play a role. Dhoni's words can best be understood by no one but Dhoni himself. One has to find out the timing when the dew comes in if Dhoni's words are to be believed.

One has to wonder as to whether Dhoni would have said these words had India won the match batting first or by batting second? If it was Dhoni's problem with the dew this time, it would have been Sangakkara's problem had Sri Lanka batted first and lost the match like the way it happened to India. And just to ensure that India wins matches, is it worth scheduling matches as per Dhoni's requirement. There was dew factor in the 3rd ODI of the recently concluded bilateral series which India won effortlessly despite being set a target in excess of 300. It was solely because of dew that made things easy for India. And moreover, it was Sangakkara who had won the toss and elected to bat 1st that day.

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