Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Does Dhoni have an answer for this?

Well it was all praise for team India who were thought to have realized their mistake when they took the Bangladesh team seriously and batted in the way they would have against any other team when they scored 459 runs in less than a day's play on the second day's play after bowling out the Bangladeshi batsmen for a score of 233 on the board. And, India gave signs of having taken the game away from the Bangladeshis when they ended their first innings after posting a total of 544 runs for the loss of 8 wickets. But, only to be mistaken.

It was a sort of illusion that India had to just wait for one more day so that they can get the Bangladeshi batsmen out and spend two more days in relaxation. May be after the Indian batsmen did their job in a more perfect manner, the bowling department has gone to relax keeping away from their minds the fact that they had not yet completed their duty of winning the match which meant in bowling out the Bangladeshi batsmen out for the second time. But, whenever any team takes Bangladesh for granted, the Bangladeshis have made it a routine to make the opposition pay the price for the same.

How can one afford to relax when a Bangladesh team puts up a partnership of 200 and that too against India? May be this is the first 200 run 2nd wicket partnership for Bangladesh against any team barring West Indies (may be to an extent). The entire day saw only one Bangladeshi batsman falling to the Indian bowlers when on the other hand, there were 3 Indian batsmen making their way back to the pavilion after putting up a total of 85 runs after they were 459/5 at the end of the second day's play. So, in a way, Bangladesh had a better day that India.

There was a Bangladeshi batsman in Tamim Iqbal who was found scoring 151 runs which was 8 more than what a double decade old Sachin Tendulkar could do in the first innings that India played. This was 40 runs more than what Rahul Dravid - who has been playing test cricket for almost one and a half decade could do. His injury need not guarantee that he would have gone on to score even more, had that not been the case. That can also be considered to be another feat by a Bangladeshi bowler when he could get a great batsman injured. Finally. it would no doubt that the entire day belonged to Bangladesh.

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