Friday, 15 January 2010

It is always trouble with Australian cricketers

Well the news this time has its say that Australian players may have to boycott this year's edition of the Indian Premier League which would get underway from March 12th onwards. But, once again as usual, there has been problems regarding players not being satisfied with the security arrangements in India. This became more serious when they were threatened not to play in Maharashtra state by shivsainiks, who are citing the recent attacks on Indian students in Australia since the past one year or so. Otherwise, no other players from any other country had any sorts of problems till now.

However, one has to ask himself regarding the worst place for any player to tour other than Pakistan in today's world. And the answer to this question would be obviously Australia and no other country. It is no terror threat from any terror outfit that is targeting players in Australia. But, the crowds have so far been the worst in the world. But still, one has to wonder as to how come no player from any country has had a problem touring Australia when Australia can seriously make statements blow out of proportion? This has been the case with almost all nations.

One has to recall the egg throwing incident where Sri Lanka's Muttiah Muralitharan was greeted with an egg prior to the start of the Commonwealth bank series in 2007-08. And then what happened to India during the Border-Gavaskar trophy prior to that is well afresh in people's minds when Harbhajan Singh had a spat with Symonds on the field which was in no way justified by any Australian player. Then, in the finals of the Commonwealth Bank series between India and Australia, there was a streaker who made way into the ground. Perhaps! This in no way troubled any of the cricketers. But, does the ACA approve of such incidents?

And whatever, despite their interest to participate in the IPL, they have their tour of New Zealand in progress which will keep most of the players from Australia busy until the end of this month. However, that should mean that the players from Australia are not welcome to India. A couple of years back, there was a serial blast in Jaipur which had shook the Rajasthan Royals' captain. But, at the same time he had nothing to lose and only to gain when he lifted the trophy. Australians are just creating a mess by taking such issue that far which is needless to be said.

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