Friday, 26 February 2010

Will Ijaz Butt allow Pakistan to feature in the 2011 WC for matches scheduled in India?

The dates for the Champions' League T20 tournament 2010 are yet to be decided and so are the venues where the world's best T20 domestic teams will fight it out. But, a news prior to all these has already taken precedence when the PCB chief Ijaz Butt says that no teams from Pakistan would be participating in the Champions League 2010. But, there is just a hint that it will be held in India in 2010 which is yet to be decided. There should be no reason as to why any team from Pakistan should not participate in the Champions League though there is a more probability of the same being held in India.

Pakistan had no problems when the international hockey team is going to take part in the world cup that is scheduled in India. Is the frustration of the Pakistani players restricted only to cricket and no other game? The reason need not be cited specially that it is due to the backing out of the IPL sponsors who turned down on bidding on a Pakistani player that Ijaz Butt has come to such a decision regarding its participation in the Champions League. Would this be the decision if at all by freak chance, the tournament is held outside India by the committee members?

Is it a sort of revenge from the Pakistani side for the humiliation that its players had to bear when they were not picked up by any of the 8 IPL team sponsors? Or is protest a better word than revenge for Ijaz Butt's decisions? If any of the above reasons are anywhere to go by, Pakistan will be missing out on an opportunity to showcast its talent in T20 cricket, which has seen Pakistan giving its best since the inaugural world cup held in South Africa. The PCB chief has hardly taken any sort of responsibility for the attack on the Sri Lankan team bus and reacts in an unexpected way regarding the behavior of IPL sponsors.

One has to think whether the PCB chief would stand by his decision in case the Champions League is held outside India for the venue is not yet decided. And another issue to think over is that the world cup in 2011 is to be held in the sub continent minus Pakistan, wherein Pakistan will have to play matches in India as well. If that is the case, will Ijaz Butt rule out the players from Pakistan from participating in the world cup as well or boycott the matches that are due in India? If given a chance, Ijaz Butt would see to that the ICC scrap India also from hosting the world cup in 2011.

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