Thursday, 4 March 2010

After Chris Gayle it is Utseya

Well it has been less than a month when the West Indian captain Chris Gayle was found predicting a 4-1 series win for West Indies despite the fact that Australia had beaten Pakistan (which is a far better outfit than West Indies) 5-0 just weeks prior to that. Now, there is a similar such talk from a Zimbabwean captain Prosper Utseya when he claims that his side can be tough for any opposition prior to the start of the first one day international against West Indies in Georgetown that is due tomorrow. The only difference being that Utseya has a T20 win against West Indies which Chris Gayle didn't have.

However, Chris Gayle didn't even have this base that the Zimbabwe captain had before his statement. As expected, the prediction by Chris Gayle didn't even turn out to be a 1-4 victory for his team. The only motivation that Gayle had that initially and partially supported his words would be the win against PM's XI which was led by Mathew Hayden. But this was far from satisfactory when the full fledged Australian team was considered. However, Utseya's words can make sense taking into account the team they are going to face in the coming month of March viz the West Indies.

In today's cricket, West Indies can be beaten by any team in the world. West Indies has to just try playing the non test playing nations to be surprised. The only ray of hope for the West Indies lying in the fact that they are hosting Zimbabwe where home conditions are guaranteed. But, people who take to betting can do so regarding Zimbabwe which would not be a wrong choice whatsoever. But, the Zimbabwe captain's words sound to be even more appealing than expected. It doesn't look like Utseya has made such a statement by taking into account only the West Indies team but the entire cricketing world.

If Utseya's words have that much meaning, one has to ask him as to how come his team has been stripped from the test status which it was enjoying since more than a decade. Can Utseya cite a reason for Zimbabwe to be excluded from participating in the T20 world cup and also in the ICC Champions Trophy 2009 tough it was held in the African continent? And in case Zimbabwe is included in the list of probables, can Utseya look out for people who would have a bet in favor of his team? The only was the aforementioned things can turn into reality is in cases where the team that is facing Zimbabwe take them lightly and as a result pay the price for the same.

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