Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Poor Australia..all but one loss

One can imagine the fate of a team that wins all its games in the league stages of the tournament and loses the one important game that would have given it a champions tag if won. That was what happened to Australia yesterday when they lost their first match in the tournament as well as their last one. But, who is there to give more chance compared to the number of people who pity them? Australia are the team which deserved to win the trophy despite all odds when there was no team that even came close to beating Australia.

I remember South Africa winning all its five games in the 1996 world cup and losing to the West Indies in the quarter-finals by 19 runs. The same thing happened to South Africa in the last two editions of the world T20 in 2007 where they lost their first match to India and in 2009 against Pakistan in the semis to end their campaign. Like Australia, England too had not lost even a single match in this tournament and in 2007, Pakistan had not lost a single match until the finals against India. And last but not the least, Sri Lanka had not lost a game in 2009 until the finals.

But, those were fluke wins which came automatically but this time, Australia was a better team compared to England. Though England has beaten Pakistan in this world cup, they would not have done the same had they been in place of Australia in the second semi-finals. Australia not only defeated their opposition but literally thrashed them with Sri Lanka being bowled out for 87, West Indies for 105 and India for 135. England, though have won all their encounters in the super-eights, could not bowl out their opposition in all three games. They only managed to bowl out South Africa at Bridgetown for 129.

This is nothing but injustice done to Australia for which no one can he held responsible. Not even the Aussies can be held responsible for the same. After their loss to West Indies, England had to win against Ireland where chances of England winning were freak after they were bowled out for just 120 on the board. Had the game progressed, there was every chance for Ireland to upset their opposition. Had that been the case, England would not even make it to the super-eights let alone winning the trophy. But, I feel happy for England for winning their maiden world cup tournament.

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