Sunday, 16 May 2010

Who is the best among the best?

Both England and Australia had once met in the finals of the Reliance world cup in 1987 held in the sub-continent. Now, after a span of 23 years both teams are once again scheduled to play each other in the finals of the T20 world cup here in hours to come. Both teams have reached the finals after a lot of ups and downs not only in this tournament but elsewhere as well. Australia,though have made their opposition tremble with fear for so long are not the champions they were once upon a time. For that, you might have to refer past T20 world cups.

And, coming to England they have never been the favorites with hardly any team having their bet on them. Looking at that, one should not consider that England have reached the finals by chance and not by talent. They are yet to legally lose a match in this world cup like Australia. Though they have a loss against West Indies, that was due to rain and had the match gone ahead as per plan, there was more chance that England would win that game. England, needless to be said beat strong teams like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and New Zealand.

No team can win all their games by fluke. And, nothing special needs to be said regarding Australia who, like England (and one step ahead of them) have won all their games since the tournament began. They just thrashed every opposition that came their way if not for their semi-final game against Pakistan where they had a tough run for their money. It is winning such games that makes a team have a fan following and betters having their bet against them. In case Australia lose the finals by any chance, that would be nothing but total injustice to them.

Australia have knocked off England in the 1987 world cup and the ICC champions trophy 2009 while England have done that only once to Australia when they beat them in the semi-finals of the ICC champions trophy 2004. If Australia win this contest, they will become the first team to win all three major titles namely world cup, ICC champions trophy and T20 world cup. Likewise, in case England win, that will be their first major title after three losses in the finals of world cups and one loss in the ICC champions trophy 2004. Whatever, right now please Control your mind

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