Tuesday, 8 March 2011

1-1 for both Canada and Kenya

Well in the 2003 world cup played at home (as far as Kenya are considered), Kenya managed to beat Canada by 4 wickets when Canada managed to pile up just 197 on board which a little too much for Kenya who lost 6 wickets in between. Now, yesterday, the match was more or less similar to what happened in 2003 but at the same time opposite as well. Here, Kenya made 198 runs on the board with Canada chasing down the target successfully by 5 wickets. Back then, that game proved to be the platform for Kenya to make it to the super-sixes.

But now, after losing miserably to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand, the chances of Canada stand canceled in making it to the quarter-finals. And more than that, Kenya were aided by Sri Lanka who intentionally lost the game against Kenya when they had wins against New Zealand and West Indies and South Africa losing to Wet Indies and New Zealand to stand a tough chance to the second round. Even West Indies after losing to New Zealand were forced to share points with Bangladesh after that match was washed-out by rain. Kenya had wins against New Zealand and Canada which aided their advancement.

It is rare to see replica matches like this. Coming to the match, something better was expected off Kenya and not a whitewash like it has been the case so far. Kenya have lost all their games till date against New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia. Of course, the result is no different regarding Canada who have also lost to the aforementioned teams. But, in case a team can go home victory, it has to be against Kenya & Zimbabwe for Canada and Canada & Zimbabwe for Kenya. Kenya were a tough team some two world cups down the lane with victories against Bangladesh and Canada.

They had almost torn apart Australia and India in the day-night encounter in the 2003 world cups with both teams making a comeback later in their innings. Of course, a day-night encounter in that competition was a real tough one and it was a decent toss to win for Kenya. Added to that, Kenya were one of the co-hosts of that world cup which also played its part to a greater extent. Still, Kenya should have won this game because, they have been playing in world cups since 1996 and this is their 5th appearance while for Canada it is their 3rd appearance in world cups.

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