Thursday, 17 March 2011

Aussies still on top

One has to decide himself whether it is the bad timing of the games or is it the wrong schedule of the tournament or finally is it luck that is seeing Australia victorious throughout even in this world cup despite them not being at their very best. Yesterday, as expected Australia won their pool A match against Canada by 7 wickets. Of course, one might not have been shocked for Australia winning the game but, they are yet to get into games involving decent teams like Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, the game against Sri Lanka got washed out in Colombo.

The three teams that would have given Australia a tough time were Sri Lanka, Pakistan and New Zealand. With New Zealand being a team that Australia would be most fascinated facing, the remaining two teams are indeed a threat to Australia for reasons too many. First, they are the co-hosts of the world cup and second, they have a spin bowling squad facing whom is the last thing the Aussies would ever want. Though Muralitharan is not at his bowling best, Aussies no doubt fear him the most. Muralitharan has made the Aussie batsmen concentrate like never before and never again.

However, a hint of an Aussie collapse is evident from the earlier games they have played in this tournament. They no doubt crashed New Zealand by finishing the game in just 34 overs and thrashing being handed out to Zimbabwe, Kenya and Canada. Against Canada, Aussies take the blame for allowing the minnow nation to cross the 200 run mark and they had to bowl 45 overs. Well, that is not a big issue but, having the same Shane Watson and Brad Haddin do the job for Australia needs a reconsideration. Ricky Ponting like Graeme Smith has been a total failure.

The Canadian batsmen were able to maintain a run-rate of 5.0 an over and end the innings at over 4.62 runs an over. Well, with the wait game seeming to come to an end, Australia will be facing Pakistan in their next encounter scheduled after finishing with all the minnows, New Zealand and escaping partly against Sri Lanka when rain played a spoilsport (though an Aussie victory cannot be ruled out completely). Had the Aussies been teamed in group B, they might have had a tough time with the Proteas and India still with England and the West Indies being an easy prey. But, it is not the time for ifs and buts.

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