Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wow! It is the West Indies!

Well there have been a couple of 200+ run margins in this tournament with the latest one to join the club being the not-mighty West Indies who inflicted a 215 run win against Netherlands yesterday at Delhi. Earlier in the tournament, Pakistan had beaten Kenya ruthlessly by 205 runs following which Sri Lanka outplayed Canada by 210 runs both by the host nations who are one of the favorites to win the trophy and against weaker teams as mentioned above. Now, the record has been broken by another 5 runs when West Indies did what was expected against Holland yesterday.

It is fascinating to see the three 200+ run margin records having a margin of 5 runs with Sri Lanka belting Canada by 210 runs at Hambontana on February 20th which was three days before Pakistan did the same against Kenya and a week later West Indies joins the club by bettering Sri Lanka's record by 5 runs. All these three events took place in a span of just two weeks of the tournament starting and with ten days of the first one by Sri Lanka. There are matches yet to come where teams like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand etc will take on Kenya, Canada, Holland etc.

This is one such rare matches involving the West Indies where all the top five batsmen show their talent with three of them scoring half centuries, one other batsman falling just a run short of achieving that feat and the other scoring a decent and a handy 30. A total of 332 and that too by West Indies seems a lot but, have a look at the opposition whom they are playing. May be other stronger teams might fail in getting such a huge margin of victory against such teams but for sure, their performance will be better against West Indies.

The man-of-the-match Kemar Roach is seen picking up a hat-trick but look at the batsmen whom he has dismissed-the last three batsmen players namely some Pieter Seelaar, Bernard Loots and Bernard Westdijk and gets awarded the man of the match for his 6-27 when there was Kieron Pollard who made a quickfire 27 ball 60. Nevermind who was awarded the man of the match for anyhow West Indies would have won against Holland but, it should be seen whether they can do it against India and England with them already losing to South Africa. Even a narrow escape or a close encounter against them would be appreciated.

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