Friday, 8 April 2011

If Kolkata can do it this time..

One has to just decide whether the all-time underdogs namely the Kolkata Knight Riders can do wonders with the game in this year's Indian Premier League. One thing that is tough for most of you guys to digest would be the fact that Sourav Ganguly will be out of the Kolkata team which he has captained till date. Let alone captaining the Kolkata side, Sourav Ganguly is doubtful to even make it to the side for, rumors have it that Ganguly will be playing for the newly added team-the Pune Warriors in case everything goes as per plan. Or else no.

However, despite his presence in the Kolkata team, his contribution to the side has been much below mark both with the bat as well as with the ball. Of course, Ganguly is not known to do much with the ball but, he has absolutely no ecuses when it comes to the willow in his left hand. But, someone like Rahul Dravid has shown to be a bigger hitter of the ball compared to Ganguly despite the T20 format of the game not belonging to Dravid. This clearly shows that Ganguly will hardly be missed by the players in the Kolkata team.

But, the other side of the coin suggests that the fans of West Bengal and especially Kolkata can never imagine their favorite team without the presence of Ganguly. It wouldn't matter if KKR loses the game or even ends up at the bottom of the points table. But, a win without the presence of Sovrav Ganguly is worse than a crushing defeat for the fans. Though not tough enough with the bat or the ball, as a captain, Sourav Ganguly definitely has his presence felt no matter what. I can recall the 2009 edition when Brendon McCullum was made the captain of the Kolkata side.

Kolkata could not even reach the semi-finals of that tournament. Despite the presence of Ganguly, Kolkata couldn't reach the semis till now, but as a captain, full votes to Sourav Ganguly and absolute zero to Brendon McCullum. However, if there is no Ganguly, there is Gautam Gambhir who was taken for a record price of $9 crore. Now, the contenders who would like to complete the set include Kolkata Knight Riders on the top of the list followed by Kings XI Punjab. The remaining teams viz Bangalore,Hyderabad,Rajasthan,Chennai and Delhi have shown decent performance of not extraordinary ones. Only Chennai and Bangalore have been extraordinary.

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