Saturday, 23 April 2011

Just for a change..

Well with all tongues cursing the Kolkata Knight Riders for their 9 wicket loss to the Royal Challengers Bangalore, one has to go through their performance in the past with them coming too close to winning the opening game against the Chennai Super Kings when eventually they lost by 2 runs. Following that defeat, the Kolkata Knight Riders won games against Rajasthan Royals and Deccan Chargers though they lost against Kochi Tuskers Kerala. Yesterday's loss places them behind with three losses and two victories. But, this was better than what they could do in the last three editions of the IPL.

All would have thought the score of 171 and a target of one run in excess of that would be sufficient to prove the absence of Ganguly as a forgettable one. But, let alone winning the game, even the loss can never be digested by the Kolkata fans whatsoever. I have mentioned many times on the blog that a total less than 180 in a T20 game is just ordinary. But, a little bit of concession can be given to the total of 171 not only for the reason that it is just 9 runs less than the projected total but since that total does not fall behind when it comes to winning matches.

There have been less instances when a team loses piling up a total of 171 and few cases falling otherwise. The batsmen of the Kolkata team never showed any signs of compromise when three out of the top four batsmen scored in excess of 40 runs. However, despite scoring 40 runs, Kallis needs some refinement and someone needs to tell him that he is playing a T20 game and not a one day international. A 40 runs from 42 balls is not acceptable in a T20 game. Pain was evident from the RCB bowlers when 7 of them came in to bowl or rather stop Yousuf Pathan.

But, nothing much could have been done with a batsman of the caliber of Chris Gayle when all the fielders were supposed to do was to collect the ball from the ball boys whenever Gayle hit a boundary and ask the spectators to throw the ball whenever he hit the ball for six. Perhaps! had the audience been payed for doing a ball boy job, they could have gone home with a few pennies in their pocket that could have covered their popcorn costs. As a revenge, even the Kolkata bowlers were made to change the bowler 7 times. Putting it simple, the KKR were Gayled!

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