Monday, 9 May 2011

Kochi Tuskers double Gayled

Well in a couple of matches prior to the one yesterday between Kochi Tuskers Kerala and Royal Challengers Bangalore, the man with a Midas touch - Chris Gayle was seen destroying the opposition bowlers only with the willow. But, yesterday was something different when Chris Gayle not only hammered the ball with his bat but was also found bowling his full quota of 4 overs being a part time bowler and what is more! Chris Gayle was successful in giving the RCB their initial breakthrough when he had Michael Klinger bowled. At the end, Gayle's efforts was equivalent to Zaheer Khan's.

Coming to the match, the game would be remembered for Chris Gayle's 37 run over that was aided with extra deliveries. However, the bowler who was bowling to Chris Gayle should also be given a consideration when only has to nothing but pity Prasanth Parameswaran who was unlucky to have hit Chris Gayle in his initial period of his cricketing career. However, that should not be mistaken with 6 ball over with an extra delivery being bowled in the second ball which unfortunately (as far as the bowler was considered) went for six runs. This makes it 37 runs off 7 balls.

Sparing this over, if Gayle's innings is considered otherwise, scorecard suggests that his overall tally stood at 44 runs unbeaten which brings down the equation to 7 runs from 10 balls which suggests that Gayle was still in setting up his innings rather than going for the kill once for all. It was the Kochi batsmen ho made life tough for the viewers who would have watched an even better show from Chris Gayle had the total been some 150+. The highlight would be the 37 run over, the 4 overs which Gayle bowled and his 16 ball 44* which completely took the game away from Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

It is accepted that nothing much could have been done with Gayle out there in full bloom. But, with batsmen like McCullum, Klinger, Patel and Jayawardane there in the side, the Kochi Tuskers might have put up a better batting performance by getting to a total of at least 150-180. The entire Kochi innings didn't consist of any sixes. The match would have been won by the same margin even without Gayle. Dilshan, deVilliars etc would have got the job done for RCB. The RCB bowlers had read the mindset of Kochi batsmen it seemed when no experimentation happened with their bowlers.

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