Monday, 2 May 2011

Royals and not Warriors

Well the place here is not to discuss about the credibility of the words warrior and royal which according to dictionary are unrelated. But, yesterday at Jaipur, both the words were against each other trying to prove their myth on the cricket field which eventually happened to be royal. Rajasthan Royals won the encounter against Pune Warriors by 6 wickets with 3 balls to spare but with little or no signs of fear or tension. This was one simple match where no big hitting happened to bore the audience. Even the batsmen were saved from slogging unnecessarily and blindly. Whom should we thank for this?

Coming to the scorecard, one can have a look to find that no batsmen scored a half century which happens very rarely in a T20 match especially the IPL whose sole intention is tjhe entertain the audience with the big hitting by batsmen irrespective of their talent. No spin and swing bowling is ever recognized in these games unfortunately. The highest individual score in the game came from the blades of Ross Taylor who ended his innings on an unbeaten knock of 47. May be had the match went on there could have been the lone half century scorer of the game.

There was a series of scores 18, 31, 30 and 24 towards the top of the Pune Warriors' innings but to little avail. That should not matter for, he was awarded the man of the match for his feat. A total of 143 was far less than the projected total of 180 which is ideal in a T20 game. The Pune Warriors' innings had just to hits out of the ground which came towards the fag end of the innings with Mithun Manhas and Nathan McCullum standing up to the occasion of saving the face for their team.Speaking teamwork, Pune have a point to prove.

However, speaking about the confidence that the batsmen of both teams out there showed, it would definitely be Rajasthan who would go with an upper hand when they had their scorecard ticking every now and then. Ashok Menaria laid a decent foundation towards their run chase. Though they came until he last over to record their win, their body language showed no signs of panic whatsoever. Still, neither teams out there had the guts to experiment with their bowling with all bowlers bowling a minimum of 3 overs. Well, Rajasthan did well to restrict Menaria to just 1 over when he went for 10 runs.

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