Friday, 7 October 2011

The excitement is intolerable

The moment I witnessed the last ball six that was hit by the tail-end batsman of Royal Challengers Bangalore - Arun Karthik the excitement has reached a new level. Added to that would be the fact that rumors say that a batting fest is to be expected in the semi-finals which is due in hours to come. That makes the excitement more intolerable for all those crazy fans who just want to see the ball cross the ropes and more so without pitching in between. Without any doubt I can say that champions league T20 rules over women penny loafer, web hosting, flowers and gardening, online money making opportunities.

However, along with the excitement, as a compliment there would be more trouble for cricket fans who expect a lot from their players and team. In case their favorite team fails in the league stages itself, the enthusiasm dies down there itself and fans would concentrate on their work after a few actions and reactions of disappointment. But, in case the team qualifies to the next round, once again the fans have to keep their fingers crossed regarding what would happen to their favorite team in the crucial matches. However, needless to be said, that would also die down after some disappointment.

Anyways, back to the tournament, the Royal Challengers Bangalore will have to win the semi-finals (of course) failing which their effort of winning two games after posting totals in excess would go unrewarded. Needless to be said, Royal Challengers Bangalore won their match against Somerset and South Australia after posting totals in excess of 200. The Royal Challengers Bangalore have made news for the good reasons in both their earlier games. In the game against Somerset, the RCB became the team to have scored the highest total in a champions league match. And then against South Australia their story is well in front.

Still, the remaining three teams have also come to play good cricket. Looking at the other teams, the Mumbai Indians are one of the teams who have beaten CSKs after a successful run chase of 154 in the last over of the innings similar to RCB's win over South Australia. Or else, Mumbai have reached the semi-finals by fluke after gasping for breath against Trinidad&Tobago where they had to wait for the 120th legal delivery to be bowled chasing 99 and were bowled out for 100 against New South Wales. Can you answer the Q: Should the ruler thirst around the humane refund?

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