Wednesday, 19 October 2011

West Indies' real color

The series against Bangladesh is the third full fledged series that the West Indies team is found playing against sub-continent nations after they had a series each against Pakistan and India. However, the result of the series against Bangladesh was totally different from what happened in the series against India and Pakistan. West Indies won the series 2-1 after losing to the hosts yesterday at Chittagong by 8 wickets. That is not the only reason why I say that the series was exact opposite to what happened in their two earlier series'. It was as though you are searching for gadgets online.

In the earlier two series', West Indies were hosting Pakistan and India unlike in the ongoing series against Bangladesh where West Indies are touring the sub-continent nation. Adding to that, in the series' against Pakistan and India, West Indies won two games against both the sub-continent nations after being totally out of the tournament when they won the inconsequential games in the 4th and 5th ODI. This time, they won the series and instead lost inconsequential match against Bangladesh. But, the way they lost the third one dayer speaks it all for the West Indies. West Indies got all-out for 61.

Both India and Pakistan didn't go down to that level of misery despite losing those two games which were inconsequential. It is not necessary for us to go to the details of that series. But, getting all-out against Bangladesh speaks of the true caliber of the West Indies team. It would not come as a surprise had in case West Indies whitewashed the hosts but, they might just have to pray God that even West Indies do not meet with the same fate in case they lose against Bangladesh. Two years back, they had been whitewashed by the same Bangladesh on their home soil.

But, that was a different situation with most of the players opting out of the series owing to some stupid strike against the WICB. Scorecard suggests that only 22 overs of the match were played by the West Indies confusing the viewers whether they were watching a T20 game or a ODI. Should we congratulate Kieran Powell for scoring 25 runs to become the highest run scorer for the West Indies team? When the crowd there would have been cursing for lack of any batting display on the field, a six from the blades of Imrul Kayes was as good as an ocean in a desert.

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indeed, west indies no more in safer side after watching this match