Thursday, 4 February 2010

Which glory days is Richardson speaking about?

Well the latest news that we hear is that Ottis Gibson has taken over as the coach of the present West Indies team after his successful campaign with the England team that made Australia lose the Ashes in 2009. It is difficult for anyone to make the opposition lose a series, which should not be confused with a team winning a series. It was Australia who lost the Ashes in 2009 rather than England winning the same. Anyways, coming to the fact the Gibson has taken over as the new West Indian coach, one comes across with phrases "glory days in WI cricket".

Which is the glory days that Gibson or Richie Richardson is talking about? Is it the era of the West Indies cricket in the mid 70s that went on to the whole of 80s and early 90s to a little extent as well? Or is it the one after fellow players like Ambrose, Walsh & Bishop announced their retirement from international cricket? Or is it the era after Brian Lara bid adieu to all forms of cricket that Gibson refers to as glory days? Anyways, it is clear that Gibson is referring to the era when the West Indies team won the world cup in 1975 and 1979 after which they couldn't even make it to the semis if not for WC 1996 and PC 1983.

Anyways, with Gibson taking over as the coach of the current West Indies team, Gibson not only has a great risk of returning the favor that the West Indies team has been gifted by other teams that include even Bangladesh and Zimbabwe but also the task of seeing that he himself doesn't prove of his inefficiency as a coach. It would be fantastic to see the West Indies gaining the lost glory atleast a little bit if not completely. Once in while, even the West Indies come up with surprises like they won the ICC Champions Trophy in 2004 beating England by 2 wickets.

West Indies is the only team so far to have beaten England in the finals of a mega event twice in England after they beat the same in the finals of the Prudential cup 1979. If Gibson's role as a coach is given a deeper look at, if not for the Ashes win in September 2009, he cannot boast of anything bigger. England came close to losing to Australia in the Ashes that were drawn. Then, in the recently concluded test series against South Africa, England came close to losing on 2 occasions. Since 2007, England's major victories apart from the Ashes was against New Zealand only. This well supports Gibson's role as a coach for a team that need not be taught how to lose.

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