Saturday, 9 May 2009

Did Anil Kumble Change Back His Number Back To 8?

I happened to read it in the Bangalore Times the reason for the Royal Challengers' success after Anil Kumble took over the reins from Kevin Pietersen. The reason if Anil Kumble's wife is to be believed is all owing to the number on the back of his team shirt. The number until he took over as captain was 8. After that, it seems that Anil Kumble changed the number on the back of his T-shirt to 37 which was the main reason for the Royal Challengers' success. This was done upon consulting a known numerology expert I suppose. How coool!!!

Well we believe that the number behind his T-shirt was mainly responsible for his team's success as well as Anil Kumble's success as a captain. After Anil Kumble took over as the skipper of the Royal Challengers, the team won matches against the Kings XI Punjab and the Mumbai. The former one was a close encounter and the latter was a one sided affair. May be that it was the luck that Kumble had acquired by changing the number on the back of his T shirt that the team won marginally against the Kings XI Punjab despite the Kings' team having enough number of wickets and the target not being too much appealing.

Finally, the Royal Challengers have got back to their routine not for losing matches but for giving a hopeless performance. Or else, where did the determination that was found in the first encounter against the Rajasthan Royals' go? The Royal Challengers defeated the Rajasthan Royals by bowling them all out for 58 with Kumble taking 5 wIickets. Perhaps, now I realize that the change in number behind his T-Shirt means the opposite result of what happened in the first meeting with the same opponents. Had the RCB won the first encounter against the Rajasthan team, then this time they end up losing. On the otherhand, they had lost the first one to team Punjab and later won the second encounter.

It is a wonder of the tournament that a new comer becomes successful. This we had on two occassions. First, the Kings XI Punjab medium pace bowler in Yousuf Abdullah who is now one of the leading contender for the purple cap. And then in this match, the man belonging to the Rajasthan Rouals' team Amit Singh who was playing his second match of the series took 4 wickets and with it the man of the match as well. Well..Robin Uttappa would be enjoying for being the highest run getter in the match by scoring 17 runs. So, the next encounter for RCB is against the Mumbai Indians. If things go they way as said, then they'll have to lose this match. I wish that Kumble revert back to number 8 failing which, he might loe the game as well.

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