Sunday, 10 May 2009

Kings XI: Lost The Match But Not The Class

One has to indeed praise the Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for being lucky enough for not losing the match to Kings XI Punjab. This particular match I can say is one of the rarest of match that the current edition of the Indian Premier League has witnessed so far. There has not been a single match wherein a team puts up a momoth total and still has to hold its nerves until the last ball is bowled. There might have been last ball finishes but not where there is a huge total. This I guess is the second highest total in this edition of the IPL after the Rajasthan Royals posted 211 runs against the same Kings XI Punjab.

The other fact regarding the match being that the innings lasted only for 18 overs unlike the usual contest that is held for 20 overs a side. As long as I was watching the match, the match was favoring the Chennai Super Kings. But, it was after I went to bed that things turned the other side. Thank God that it was not the ultimate thing that happened there. After I turned off the television sets, the Kings XI Punjab never lost another wickets. Rather they had come close to winning the match with just 12 runs behind. Both the teams out there lost just three wickets and were able to completely their full quota of 18 overs.

Then it was sure that the pitch was a batsmen's paradise and the Kings XI Punjab made full use of the same. They never got the fever of the big total that they were exposed to. This also showed the class of the Kings XI Punjab team, making it more rigid that they deserve the spot in the semi finals. They are one of the four teams out there who have showed their class on the field irrespective of the match result. With such a class, the team can bounce back into the series at any point of time. A loss today might also ensure a win in the very next match. Class never goes waste.

The Kings XI Punjab are one of the three teams who are found showing their class in the tournament. The other two teams that are having an unbeatable class are the Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals. Teams like Delhi Daredevils have been able to win matches. But, as far as their class is concerned, they are way behind the aforementioned teams. Teams like the Daredevils and the Deccan Chargers can win as long as a bunch of their players fire. As long as their bowlers continue taking wickets. As long as they ensure that they hardly err on the field. In case of a huge target imposed upon them or incase they finish with a moderate total, then they are sure to be in trouble.

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