Saturday, 9 May 2009

KKR Just Not Willing To Learn To Learn From Their Mistakes

I have cited this point a number of times in more or less every post that I write on this blog regarding the batsmen willing to take risks and in the process either throw his wicket away like Shahid Afridi usually does or else if luck is in favor put some extra runs on board that could be the difference between a win and a defeat. This could also be the difference between getting qualified to the next round and getting eliminated fro the tournament once for all and thus playing the remaining matches just for the sake of it. But, I wounder whether there is anyone out there to tell the Kolkata Knight Riders' players.

Atleast, the Kolkata Knight Riders' coach John Buchanan should have realized this point if not anybody else. In the eitire quota of their 20 overs, the Kolkata Knight Riders lost just three wickets, with the scoreboard reading 58/1 from the first 6 overs at more than 9.0 an over, and then 98/2 in the 14th over at just over 7.0 an over. The third wicket fell just 4 balls prior to winding up the Kolkata Knight Riders' innings which finished at 154. The third wicket fell when the score was 147. Due to this, the KKR could not utilize the precense of Sourav Ganguly and Ajith Agarkar-two decent hitters of the ball.

I wonder as to what made the team owner go in for Brendon McCullum as a skipper, when McCullum has hardly captained his national side? On the other hand, Sourav Ganguly had done a fabulous job as a captain for team India only to be sacked as a skipper by the KKR team owner. So far, the Kolkata Knight Riders could win just one game and that was against the Kings XI Punjab which was intervened by Duckworth Lewis and the Kolkata Knight Riders' innings lasting just 8 overs. Despite repeated failures by the Kolkata team, it is a surprise that both the team owner as well as the coach have maintained silence over the same.

This is found happening only with the Kolkata Knight Riders and no other team. And another important fact regarding the Kolkata Knight Riders when it comes to their bowling is that their main strike bowlers viz Ishanth Sharma, Murali Karthik and Henriques who bowled their full quota of 4 overs were the maximum run donors returning with bowling figures of 10.75, 4.50 and 9.0 respectively. The other bowlers might not have done a fab job but, a thorough check is needed by the team manager and coach for repeated failures whatsoever. After this match between the Delhi Daredevils and the Knight Riders, the former team has popped to the top most position and the latter has dropped to the bottom most one. What a gesture!!!!

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