Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rajasthan Royals Out Of Reach

The IPL match between the Kings XI Punjab and the Rajasthan Royals was just out of reach for the Kings XI Punjab for, the only thing left after the Rajasthan Royals' batting was over was that by how many runs would they win this contest? How many wickets would the Kings XI Punjab lose enroute to their unsuccessful run chase? And finally, how many over would the Kings Xi Punjab team take to lose all their ten wickets? The only positives for Yuvraj Singh was that his team didn't lose all ten wickets despite having been at one stage at 87/6 and played all 20 overs.

As a fan of IPL and cricket, it was wonderful to watch atleast one match so far in this season that saw the scoreboard recording a total of 200+ coming from just one innings. The Kings XI Punjab were found following the footsteps of the Royal Challengers Bangalore when they lost their first wicket of Sohal when their team were yet to open their account. Perhaps! The Royal Challengers are not found doing this after the captaincy has bee transferred to Anil Kumble. So, a better sentense would be that the RCB have transferred their trademark to the Kings XI Punjab temperorily I believe.

Someone like Greame Smith, who until then amassed just 65 runs from his previous matches was amazingly found scoring runs that overtook the entire aggregate of his previous games. Well Smith, now I agree that even you are a member of the current edition of the Indian Premier League and the Rajasthan Royals in particular. I think that Smith's logic is true. For, when there are other players in the team scoring runs heavily, why the hell should Smith take the trouble of sweating it at the nets and on the pitch?In case the team loses, either the entire team would be held responsible for it like it happened in the match against the RCB. Smith could be just another version of Robin Uttappa and Parthiv Patel.

Sreesanth has to be proud about himself after he gave away 23 runs from one of his overs for not making it to the record books for the wrong reasons. Sreesanth's efforts included a back top back no-ball. Feel good that there was no rule of a double free hit for back to back over stepping which may make it to the law books in a year or two. The best bowling performance came from Piyush Chawla who took figures of 2/30 which was the second best bowling figures of the match. Well I wish such miraculous escapes for the Kings XI Punjab might have made them feel easy and cool. Or else, God knows what Sreesanth might have done with such aggression.

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