Friday, 1 January 2010

Did RSA wait for Procter's words

Well hardly anyone would have anticipated that South Africa would so badly lose the second test at Durban where the margin of victory was more than an innings. But, that is the case with the South African players who at times make fools out of themselves. Sometimes it is the bad luck that keeps them away from the title and during other times, it is their foolish approach to the game. And, neither of these were the case when they lost the Durban test to England. Now, after the loss to England, the South African convener of selectors-Procter comes out asking the players to show fight.

Were the South African players waiting for Procter to come out and motivate the players by using such words? The world has seen the result the South Africans have got whenever they showed in some or more fight be it against any opposition. Regarding this, nothing more needs to be said whatsoever. The more recent one was in the first test between the two countries - South Africa and England where South Africa could get 9 of the English batsman out only to see the game end in a draw and the man of the match being awarded to the England batsman Graeme Swann.

Whatever, that should not have been the way the South African players were expected to fare especially against England who are not at all rated as favorites by any strong test playing nation. And with South Africa being the home country, such a defeat is not at all acceptable. South Africa are also the team that is placed in the second position in the latest ICC test rankings behind only India at present. They are one of the two nations in the cricketing world to have been ahead of Australia, which is a pride in itself. They are the only team to have defeated Australia in Australia in the decade.

However, they lost to the same Australia in the return series that shortened the enjoyment that South Africa had to just 2 months. Likewise, England will be enjoying their Ashes victory for atleast 2 years and India for four years until the next Border-Gavaskar trophy kicks in. South African team will always be remembered as the one which was waiting for a signal from the dressing room in the match against Sri Lanka in the league stages of the world cup 2003 which was the one which would decide whether South Africa would advance to the super sixes or not. Finally, may be the decision from the dressing room was to drop the idea of continuing their WC campaign. So was the situation in this series against England.

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