Saturday, 2 January 2010

Bowling coach needed to silence critics

Just three days before the start of the tri series involving India , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni comes out shouting regarding the absence of a bowling coach with Venkatest Prasad being sacked after team India's disastrous world T20 and the ICC Champion's trophy that followed last year. All these with the fact that India has been doing well even without the presence of a regular bowling coach. India won the bilateral series against SriLanka last month and also the test series that preceded. Though it is a fact, its necessity is not clear.

There has been bowlers like Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Aashish Nehra and others who have been found doing a fab job for their team in the series mentioned. Though the bowlers mentioned have not been awarded the man of the match award, their service to their team can never be turned down whatsoever. It would not be a tough call for the BCCI to ask some retired bowler to take over from the point where Venkatesh Prasad had left. But, one has to question the BCCI for not doing the same. Does the BCCI doesn't find the necessity of hiring a bowling coach for India?

Whatever may be the case, though team India has been faring well in all the three formats of the game, it should not be forgotten that all these victories have been achieved at home and India has not seen touring any nation. The last time India toured any country was New Zealand way back in April last year which India won by a 3-1 margin. Since then, India has hardly toured any strong cricketing nation and whenever India has toured, they came back empty handed like it happened in the ICC Champions trophy- in South Africa and the World T20 in England.

One need not cite the tour of West Indies which India won by a margin 3-1 with the West Indies being a team solely for Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. However, a loss against the same can make heads crack. Moreover, Dhoni's men would be playing a tri series, the result of which has been bitter at most times. All that team India can do in a tri series is to reach the finals of the same and compromise being the runners up. And this time as well, reaching the finals of a tournament would not be a tough guess with a team like Bangladesh always there to guarantee this to India.

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