Sunday, 3 January 2010

India doesn't need to be consistent for atleast a year

Well Virender Sehwag asks for more consistency from his team mates which for a fraction of a second makes one think whether it is Sehwag who is the captain or Dhoni. Anyways, with the freedom expression well in front, anyone can spill out their opinions. However, unlike in most of the times in cricket, consistency is not or will not be the key to success in the days to come for team India. All that India needs to make sure is that they don't take the teams Bangladesh and Sri Lanka lightly. Failing this, India might have to pay a heavy price.

One need not be told in detail regarding the cliber of the Bangladeshi team. Though it is not an undisputed fact that Bangladesh are one of the few teams in international cricket to be showing signs of improvement at a more steady pace compared to other 9 teams of the cricketing world, they are yet to zero in on winning matches especially in tests. Bangladesh had to wait for a depleted West Indies team in mid last year to ensure their maiden series win and that too abroad when they won the series 2-0 against the same. Things would have hardly mattered despite West Indies going in for full fledged attack.

Had the West Indies gone in for a full strength team to face the Bangladesh, the result would have more the less been a draw for both the teams. However, the improvement that the Bangladesh team showed in a couple of years down the lane can reduce the loss to just a few runs or a few wickets as against the innings defeat that Bangladesh had to bear some four years ago. And, the other side of the coin also suggests that a small contribution is made from the team that faces when the same is found to rest few of their key players and in turn include some younger or new talent.

Also, the team facing Bangladesh might go in for a nightwatchman who can by himself settle issues for his team against Bangladesh, like it happened in 2006 when Australia's Jason Gillispie scored the one and the only double hundred being a nightwatchman in the 2nd test at Chittagong. This is the result if the team takes Bangladesh seriously. However, India need to ensure that they don't take such a stand on Bangladesh for which they might have to pay a heavy price like on its last tour where India were found reeling at 100/6 in the 1st test in 2007.

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