Sunday, 14 March 2010

Can Kings XI change their fate as well !!!

If one goes through the scorecard of the Kings XI Punjab's batting innings, one would be surprised to see the presence of batsmen who had individual scores of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 which can hardly be the case in any other matches. There was also a batsman who scored a 0. It was the lack of the presence of a batsman who returned back to the pavilion by scoring 1 run which spoiled the party which would have otherwise seen the team consisting players who scored individual scores ranging from 0 to 6. In both the innings, there were opening batsmen, one of whom scored a half century and the other returned scoring a single digit score.

This is one way of the Kings XI team entertaining their fans by showing them different number games. Anyways, coming to the match the Kings XI Punjab team had just three players who could post individual scores above which is evident by now given their number games earlier in the post. The other number along with the one mentioned above is that there were 13 extras bowled and 15 runs were scored by Sreesanth. Then, the captain Kumara Sangakkara scored 17 runs and Irfan Pathan scored 21 runs. Had there been a batsman scoring 19 runs, a series would have happened with each number differing the preceding number by 2.

Earlier, Kumara Sangakkara was made the captain of the side which was a good move, taking into account his experience as captain of the Sri Lankan team though he has hardly been successful. Sangakkara was a better choice as captain compared to Yuvraj Singh who is yet to wear the captain's crown be it for India or for his Ranji team. But, what can one do when the fate of a team can hardly be changed? Perhaps! Yuvraj Singh was successful in taking his team to the semis of the tournament which was a result of crashing out of Mumbai Indians side owing to their last match being abandoned against KKR.

Kings XI Punjab were one of the teams to have been knocked out of the IPL by a single team on two occasions when they were outplayed by the Chennai Super Kings in both editions of the IPL. A run rate of 7.62 would have been just fine, had it been in a 50 overs game but not in a T20 game which demands atleast 9 runs an over on an average. All that the Delhi Daredevils were expected to do was to just stand for 20 overs with some effort of their own combined with the extras bowled by the Kings XI team and some loose bowling from the opposition. For a change, Sreesanth was found not only bowling his full quota of 4 overs but also turning out to the most economical bowler after Yuvraj Singh when his bowling figures read 4-0-24-2.

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