Friday, 12 March 2010

Does Gilchrist wants ICC taken over by the BCCI?

It is really hard to decide whether as an Indian to feel good that there are players who support the BCCI though they once belonged to a different nation. And, this is what Gilchrist has to offer off late when he wants the IPL window to be included in the ICC international schedules table. Reason: The players no matter from which countries can feature themselves in the IPL and at the same time, needless to be said earn big bucks in addition. This, even though is not Gilchrist's personal problem with him already retired from all forms of international cricket.

It would not be a million dollar guess that if the IPL schedule is included in the ICC table, as a captain of the Deccan Chargers, Gilchrist can hope to have a lot and better choice of selecting the playing XI. However, this is not a problem when it comes to selecting 7 players with the rule that there should be atleast 7 players from India featuring in the playing XI. But, the question would obviously be the remaining 3 players if Gilchrist himself is excluded. And, there is Andrew Symonds who is at present not been found making it to the Australian squad and may be by the next year after the 2011 world cup he might retire as well.

However, coming to the point, irrespective of what plans Gilchrist has got in his mind, having IPL as a part of ICC international tours table would no doubt be a sort of putting pressure on the world governing body. Had the IPL been named as WPL then, may be the suggestion can be thought of seriously. But, the IPL has got to do a lot with India alone and not the world. Like, restrictions have been made regarding the number of players from outside India that can be included in the playing XI and also the venue where the tournament is held is India.

So, what has the ICC got to do with India alone with 8 other teams being a permanent part of it? And, if the IPL window is thought about, in what way does it make justice by keeping similar leagues held by other cricketing nations out of the ICC tours table? Is it for the sole reason that the IPL can guarantee great money for all players of the world that Gilchrist joins his hands for such an appeal? The BCCI has in the past as well been adamant on its issues though other boards have given their nod for the same. The best example for this would be the clauses put forward by the WADA that was accepted by all nations except India.

And, if the IPL window is given a nod, no doubt it would surely make the BCCI decide the international tours for the year and not the ICC.

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