Saturday, 16 April 2011

Kolkata on the top

Well, for all those people who would have had a lot of hesitation in having their bet on Kolkata Knight Riders, this is the answer for their lack of risk taking abilities. Of course, hardly anyone can risk on a team which has been at the bottom of the points table of the last three editions of the Indian Premier League. If not for their loss to the defending champions in the first game, there has been no stopping for the Kolkata Knight Riders whatsoever. There too the Kolkata Knight Riders lost the plot by just 2 runs which can be forgiven.

This time, rather than a victory for the Kolkata Knight Riders, one thing that definitely needs a pat on the back is that they showed no signs of panic neither this was a close encounter which could have gone anybody's way. The entire team work of the Rajasthan Royals was shattered by Kallis and Gambhir duo. One has to take into account the team work of the Rajasthan Royals with Rahul Dravid and co put together a decent score of 159 on he board which was eventually not enough. If not for their wicket keeper, the rest did well for the Rajasthan Royals.

The Rajasthan innings was not dominated by a single batsman unlike the Royal Challengers' innings the day before with onlt Virat Kohli scoring for the RCBs. I wonder whether anybody will ever forget and forgive the Kolkata Knight Riders' bowlers for bowling 19 extras that included 12 wide deliveries which took the score of the Rajasthan Royals to 159. On the other hand, the Rajasthan Royals bowled just 3 wides but could not avoid defeat. Had the result been known earlier, may be then Gambhir might not have bought in 7 of his team mates to bowl at Jaipur stadium.

Highlight being that Yousuf pathan bowled just 1 over despite grabbing 2 wicket at 4.0 runs an over. His was the most economical over not only in the Kolkata Knight Riders' bowling innings but also in the entire match. But, with Gambhir no giving him another over speaks of his inefficiency.However, had he given few more overs to Yousuf Pathan, may be the man of the match might have been awarded to Yousuf Pathan rather than Gambhir which shows his intelligence as captain. But, with Kolkata Knight Riders cruising to a win without or with little effort, the fans can look out for some juice from the cane.

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