Sunday, 17 April 2011

Royal Challengers still need to learn

Well one need not curse the Royal Challengers' loss to the Chennai Super Kings with the result already being well known by all followers of the tournament. This should not mean that the Royal Challengers are short of talent when it comes to facing strong teams but, the problem lies in the team that they have chosen with Chris Gayle missing out on the occasion. Looking at the scorecard, it is quite evident that as a team, the Royal Challengers lack a lot in them. They had no good partnerships with the big one being 42 run partnership between Mayank and Kohli.

God known why someone like Mayank Agarwal is still there at the top opening the innings for the Royal Challengers with his score yesterday reading 7 runs from 13 balls with a lucky hit to the fence. One has to wonder what was the lad doing with already two batsmen departing from the crease? This time as well, like last time, the top scores and notable ones include 65 runs from A B deVilliars and 35 from Virat Kohli. This contributed for 100 runs out of 62 for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Similarly, for the CSKs, Mike Hussey scored 83 runs out of 183.

A total of 183 can hardly be chased down by any team let alone the Royal Challengers Bangalore. One can look out for the fondness of the number 7 for the Royal Challengers Bangalore with three of their batsmen scoring 14 and one getting out on 7. Luckily, the Royal Challengers Bangalore didn't lose all their ten wickets and cross the 150 run mark despite such a lack of team work from their batsmen. The bowlers too reflected the batsmen with the ball being handed over to Virat Kohli who can get hit for a six the way he can hit one.

The highlight of the game was the 83 runs scored by Mike Hussey without which, the Chennai Super Kings could not even think of a respectable total let alone winning the game. One might not consider this as a remarkable innings with a century already being scored in this tournament by Paul Valthaty. As a supporting role, Murali Vijay, Suresh Raina and Dhoin played a significant innings with all of them scoring in heir twenties. The highlight of the Chennai Super Kings was that Anirudh was put down the order after a series of mishaps. But, the Bangalore team needs a lot to work out.

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