Saturday, 2 April 2011

Top two teams qualify to the finals

Before predicting the winners of the world cup with less than 24 hours to go for the big game to start, one has to decide whether the teams which have qualified to the finals of the mega event are worth their place. I can just tell you the way how Pakistan was eventually declared winners of the tournament in 1992 when they shouldn't have even reached the semi-finals. Pakistan had losses to India, West Indies and South Africa and wins against Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia before playing England. The England tie became important for Pakistan and Australia as the winner would make it to the semis.

As a matter of fact, Australia had lost to New Zealand, England ,Pakistan and South Africa with wins against India, West Indies and Sri Lanka. Pakistan's task was just no to lose the match meaning even a tie or an abandonment would see them through to the semis. Pakistan got all out for 74 regarding which nothing needs to be said in particular. Finally, rain interrupted the game forcing the match officials to abandon the game and award equal points to both teams. So, Pakistan at the cost of Australia reaches the semis and also wins the trophy a week later.

One can also go through the 1999 world cup when Steve Waugh just cashed in on the drop catch by Herschelle Gibbs in the super sixes of the tournament and a wrong decision of Hansie Cronje in the semis which ended in a tie seeing Aussies through to the finals. India cashed in on the drop catch if Sachin Tendulkar by Abdul Razzaq and the presence of Kenya in the super sixes and a toss win against England in the day-night encounter. But, India deserved to be there in the finals. Sri Lanka along with Australia deserved to be in the finals of the 2007 world cup.

This time, Sri Lanka if not for their loss against Pakistan and the abandoned game against Australia had no black spots. India on the other hand lost to the Proteas and had a tie against England but that was compromised with a win against Australia and Pakistan. India also cashed in on the 5 drop chances in the semi-finals against Pakistan which would have otherwise been a Pakistan-Sri Lanka finals. But, despite the loss in the league stages, their body language and attitude showed no signs of compromise which justifies their place in the finals. Youvraj Singh, Dhoni, Tendulkar, Harbhajan, Zaheer all have proved their place.

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