Friday, 1 April 2011

Will India become the first host to win a world cup?

Well if the history of a cricket world cup is given a close look at, one thing that can be observed is that the hosts have hardly shown any sort of toughness if not for England in the Prudential cup 1979 where they made it to the finals of the tournament. And the other hosts to have earned a name in the history books is Sri Lanka when they won the 1996 world cup when they co-hosted the tournament along with Pakistan and India. But, a slight compromise had to be made when they delighted the world at Lahore and not somewhere in Colombo or Galle.

Otherwise, the hosts have always been underdogs if not for a few exceptions. England did well to a little extent in the first three editions of the Prudential cup since 1975 to 1983 when they made it to the finals and the semi-finals. Until then, no other team ever got to host the mega event. Had India retained their luck what they were enjoying in 1983, they would have become the champions in the 1987 when they co-hosted the tournament along with Pakistan. Australia were not the team to beat 5 years later when they hosted the world cup in 1992 along with New Zealand.

Though India and Pakistan had the potential in 1996, they never seemed to cross the barrier of bad luck when a 4 match winning streak was stopped by India in the quarter-finals and India faced the only team which was yet to lose a game in that world cup in the semis. Then comes the 2003 world cup which was co-hosted by three teams mostly South Africa which are champions in their own way. South Africa couldn't even do what Zimbabwe and Kenya could when they got eliminated in the 1st stage itself. Four years later, it was a mistake to consider West Indies to host the tournament.

West Indies could not even win a notable game in the entire tournament if not for their win against Pakistan. One thing that everybody needs to regret was that West Indies in the 1970s-80s and Australia in the 2000s never got a chance to host the tournament which deceived them from becoming one of the hosts to lift a world cup. Had Pakistan hosted the 1992 world cup or had India hosted the 1983 trophy, nothing in particular could ave been said regarding their performance. But, West Indies and Australia would have done it in their glory days. What do you say?

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