Thursday, 6 October 2011

Injustice to the Warriors

It is absolutely unfair for a team that has had challenging wins in the first two games it played to be knocked out of the tournament with two losses by small margin. Yes, Warriors won their first two games against Royal Challengers Bangalore and South Australia respectively. The Warriors had beaten the RCB after a successful run chase of 173 on their home turf and South Australians at the same venue by 51 runs which should have boosted their run-rate. But, unfortunately two wins got overshadowed by two tiny losses to Kolkata Knight Riders and Somerset yesterday.I just cannot read the calculations.

Looking at the game, it is evident that the pitch had hardly anything to offer for the bats,men when chasing 147 happened to be tough. If not for Peter Trego, all other batsmen from Somerset had their bat do the talking when four of their batsmen scored decent runs. Neither could the Somerset batsmen score runs at else nor could the Warriors' bowlers bowl them out at regular intervals. One has to appreciate the batsmen from Somerset for standing at the crease and waiting for an opportunity to strike. Had the Somerset batsmen gone reckless, they would have been bowled out for less than 100.

As usual, it has become the way captains go about their bowling when they have four bowlers bowling their complete quota of 4 overs with one other bowler bowling three and one bowler bowling the remaining over and Warriors were not anything different. Finally, looking at the bowling chart of Warriors, it was a mistake that Parnell was given the ball when he gave away 13 runs from the one over he bowled. But, who on earth knows what would happen with any bowler on that day. Looking at the batting of Warriors, it can well be understood that they never read the pitch thoroughly.

It was as though the Warriors only saw the score of 146 which has been chased down in many occasions. The top three batsmen had success initially not because they read the pitch or were suited for the challenge but more so because of the powerplay. After the top three batsmen vacated the crease, the rest of the batsmen could only get confused and nothing else. Eventually, the Warriors fell short by 12 runs which make the difference between qualifying and non-qualifying. However,even Somerset stuck to the same formula but Peter Trego didn't get the treatment that Parnell received.

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