Wednesday, 5 October 2011

West Indies knock off South Africa

That was the match which kept on swinging both ways with at one stage being as though the Trinidad&Tobago would just thrash the Cape Cobras and at another stage, it was as though Cape Cobras might pull off a thriller. In the end, as only one team can emerge victorious, it happened to be Trinidad & Tobago who beat the South African team by 2 wickets. One has to once again see a South African team choking in the crucial stage of a tournament. They have no one else to blame but themselves for their debacle who ended their innings with 137.

It is just confusing to see Cape Cobras neither losing wickets nor being able to cash up on the wickets in hand by going in for a kill towards the end of their innings. The main idea behind having wickets in hand is to go for it when the innings approach an end when there would be no idea in having wickets in hand. Looking at the way the Cape Cobras played, it was as though they had come in for a one day match rather than a T20 one. With this being a decisive match Cape Cobras' effort was simply not enough.

The Cape Cobras maintained a run-rate of 6.85 runs per over at the end of their innings which would have fetched a score of 343 had it been a 50 over match. But, that run-rate could get in just 137 on board in a T20 game chasing which is not at all an issue. However, chasing the same total demanded a lot from T&T who took it to the last over with just two balls left for the game to conclude. Trinidad & Tobago lost 8 wickets en route to their successful run chase of 138. One can imagine the fate had the score been slightly more.

One can hardly understand why Sherwin Ganga was made to bowl 3 overs when he gave away runs at a rate of 12.66 runs an over with his third over fetching 16 runs. The pitch was a tough one to bat on and Sherwin Ganga giving away so much runs cannot be let away. The Cape Cobras have themselves to blame when only two of the four batsmen stood to the occasion and neither did they play up to expectations nor did they allow other batsmen to do the scoring. Concluding the post, hats-off to T&T for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

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